pre order winter 24 is on!

you benefit from a privileged price and we will deliver your purchase in Dezember 2024 all styles come in a limited edition of 89 pieces!




surfcamps 2024

pack your swimsuit, slap on some sunscreen, and gear up for epic days under the sun, riding the waves, and sharing endless smiles with new friends. spaces are filling up fast—snag your spot now and dive into the surf adventure you've always dreamed of! don't miss this chance to make memories that will ride the waves of time!



summer 2024 in store - NOW!

we live in a society that never seems to stop or even slow down. in a world that is constantly moving faster. we are always connected and available, hustling through the day with a constant fear of missing out. with our new collection “dolce far niente” we would like to remind you to chill your balls.  Turn off the computer, silence your phone and gather up with friends to do stuff.  at nnim clothing we mostly walk the talk, so if there isn’t a post from us every day .. we could be busy doing nothing at all:-)
try it out sometime..  meanwhile have a look at our SS24 collection and just remember..

#hangloose is #notjustahashtag and 

phil and jurek


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we believe that making clothes is a peoples business and we are very proud to work with friends.. all our relationships are build on trust and our contracts are made by handshake.. our clothes are handmade and we love what we do..

as a fashion brand we admit we can never truly be sustainable.. but we are determined to address the issues and to aim for a positive impact.. we believe that there’s a way to make a difference by pushing for transparency and raising awareness.. we want you to know where your clothes come from.. we want to be part of the brands who try to do good by “doing better” every season.

..limited production and revolutionary preorder concept to avoid overproduction and waste 

#89ers #limitededition #thennimclothingunion 
..reuse garment and fabrics from overstock 
#deadstock #sustainablefabric

small family owned business in bali


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